36 Hour Renewal Package (by 4CEUINC)

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Package and included courses provided by 4CEUINC.

This Package is made up of three 12 hour Combo Courses.

FLORIDA LICENSEES: This DOES NOT include the Florida Laws & Rules course.

Laboratory Combo-17 PART I includes the following course titles:

  • Zika Virus: Update and Overview  (1 hrs Microbiology)

  • Employee Files: Don't Get Lost in the Paperwork  (1 hrs Management/Supervision)

  • Patient Injuries Caused by Phlebotomy  (2.5 hrs Phlebotomy)

  • Histological Stains a Historical Review  (2 hr Histology)

  • X and Y Chromosomes: A Basic Review I  (1 hrs Cytogenetics)

  • Medical Errors    (2 hrs Medical Errors)

  • Update on HIV/AIDS  (2 hrs HIV Update)

  • Alloantibody in a Pregnant Female (1 hr Immunohematology) 

Laboratory Combo-17 PART II includes the following course titles:

  • Hyponatremia (2 hrs Chemistry)

  • Factor XIII Review (2 hrs Hematology)

  • Blood Component, Processing, Storage, Special Preparation & Labeling  (1 hr Blood Bank / 1 hr Immunohematology)

  • Bioterrorism:  A Worldwide Threat  (2 hrs Microbiology)

  • Genetic Testing:  A Basic Review  (2 hrs Molecular Pathology)

  • Steven's Johnson Syndrome and TENS (2 hrs Serology)

Laboratory Combo-17 PART III includes the following course titles:

  • Understanding Hemostasis & Basic Coagulation Testing (1.5 hrs Hematology)

  • Hyperkalemia (2 hrs Chemistry)

  • Personal Protective Equipment (1 hr Safety)

  • Classification and Diagnosis of Diabetes (2 hrs Chemistry)

  • Introduction to Basic Immunology (2 hrs Serology)

  • Nocardiosis: Clinical and Pathological Aspects (2 hrs Microbiology)

  • Overview of Pediatric Hematology (1.5 hrs Hematology)

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Package and courses provided by 4CEUINC.

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