Lamellar Body Counts: Clinical Utility and Test Validation (by ASCLS)

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Danelle Beaudoin, PhD

Course provided by ASCLS.

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  • Describe the stages of normal lung developement.
  • Define Respiratory Distress Syndrome (RDS).
  • Discuss methods used for detecting Fetal Lung Maturity (FLM).
  • Review the Lamellar Body Count (LBC) validation process.

Course Outline

  • ASCLS - LBC 2013 - Presentation
      • Introduction
      • Fetal Lung Development
      • First (3) Developmental Stages
      • Final (2) Developmental Stages
      • Lung Anatomy
      • Functional Units - Alveoli
      • Alveolar Cells
      • Surfactant
      • Respiratory Distress Syndrome (RDS)
      • Insufficient Surfactant
      • Risk Factors
      • RDS Treatment
      • Testing Indications
      • FLM Qualifications
      • Test Quality Indicators
      • Testing Overview
      • Test Performance
      • Test Utilization
      • Why Test?
      • Lamellar Body Count
      • LDT vs FDA-Approved Testing (I)
      • LDT vs FDA-Approved Testing (II)
      • How To Get Started?
      • Consensus Protocol For LBC
      • Precision
      • AMR (Linearity) - Sysmex-XE
      • Limit of Blank
      • Limit of Detection
      • Limit of Quantitation
      • Accuracy - Patient Comparisons
      • LBC vs. S/A Ratio (TDX-FLM II)
      • Four LBC Methods
      • Instrument Model Is Important
      • Extrapolating From Reference Method
      • Interference - Hemolysis
      • Interferences - Meconium
      • Sample Stability
      • Quality Assurance
      • Summary
      • References (I)
      • References (II)
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Course provided by ASCLS.

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