Human Blood Composition: Review of Cellular Components (by 4CEUINC)

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Course provided by 4CEUINC.

Course Level:
Phlebotomists: will find this course to be Intermediate to Advanced level.
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Total Pages: 22
Content Pages: 14
Quiz Questions: 9

This course will discuss the composition of human blood, including the liquid and cellular portions. It briefly touchs on the Complete Blood Count (CBC) and what blood components it measures. Red blood cells, types of white blood cells, and platelets are also discussed, as are causes of abnormal values.

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  • Recall the composition of Human Blood, discussing the liquid and cellular portions.
  • Briefly describe the Complete Blood Count (CBC) and what blood components it measures.
  • Describe a red blood cell (RBC), listing the causes for increased or decreased values.
  • Describe where white blood cells (WBC) can be found.
  • List the five different types of WBCs and discuss the reasons for increased or decreased values of each.
  • Describe the purpose of Platelets, listing the causes for increased or decreased values.

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(based on 5 customer ratings)

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Course Outline

      • PDF FILE: Course Material
      • PDF FILE: Final Quiz Questions
      • Cover Page
      • Course Details
      • About the Author
      • Table of Contents -1
      • Table of Contents - 2
      • Page 1: Intro & Blood Composition
      • Page 2: Blood Composition & Blood Cell Chart
      • Page 3: CBC
      • Page 4: CBC
      • Page 5: Red Blood Cell (RBC) Review
      • Page 6: Total RBC Count
      • Page 7: White Blood Cell (WBC) Review
      • Page 8: Total WBC Count
      • Page 9: Total WBC Count & Neutrophil Review
      • Page 10: Neutrophil & Eosinophil Review
      • Page 11: Basophil Review
      • Page 12: Lymphocyte & Monocyte Review
      • Page 13: Monocyte & Platelet Review
      • Page 14: Total Platelet Count Review
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Course provided by 4CEUINC.
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