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Course number 20-547699, approved through 9/1/2020


  • Understand basic tissue staining methods used in the clinical histology laboratory.
  • Explain factors that affect dye binding and utilize to troubleshoot staining issues.
  • Classify connective tissue elements and identify which dyes will bind to these elements.
  • Demonstrate safe microwave use when necessary to perform special staining procedures.

Customer Ratings

(based on 131 customer ratings)

Course Outline

  • Introduction
      • Tissue Staining in the Clinical Histology Laboratory
      • The Biological Stain Commission (BSC)
  • Basic Staining Mechanisms
      • What Makes a Dye?
      • Factors That Affect Dye Binding
      • Acids, Bases, pH, and Buffers
      • Basophilic and Acidophilic Staining
      • Oxidation and Reduction
  • Connective Tissue Classification and Functions
      • What is Connective Tissue?
      • Classifying Connective Tissue
      • Functions of Connective Tissue
  • Special Staining Methods Used to Demonstrate Connective Tissue
      • Gordon and Sweet's Silver Staining - Chemistry
      • Gordon and Sweet's Silver Staining - Diagnostic Applications
      • Gordon and Sweet's Silver Staining - Staining Protocol
      • Verhoeff-Van Gieson (VVG) Staining - Chemistry
      • Verhoeff-Van Gieson (VVG) Staining - Diagnostic Applications
      • Verhoeff-Van Gieson (VVG) Staining - Staining Protocol
      • Toluidine Blue Staining - Chemistry
      • Toluidine Blue Staining - Diagnostic Applications
      • Toluidine Blue Staining - Staining Protocol
      • Masson's Trichrome Staining - Chemistry
      • Masson's Trichrome Staining - Diagnostic Applications
      • Masson's Trichrome Staining - Staining Protocol
      • Phosphotungstic Acid-Hematoxylin (PTAH) Staining - Chemistry
      • Phosphotungstic Acid-Hematoxylin (PTAH) Staining - Diagnostic Applications
      • Phosphotungstic Acid-Hematoxylin (PTAH) Staining - Staining Protocol
  • Using the Microwave for Special Staining Procedures
      • Microwaves in the Histopathology Laboratory
      • Tips for using the Microwave for Special Staining Procedures
      • Safety Precautions for Microwave Usage
  • References
      • References
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Course provided by LabCE.

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